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The 2017 General Election Result in Putney was very close

Only a vote for Fleur Anderson will stop the Conservatives this time round.

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My story


I've lived in Wandsworth for 25 years. I brought up my four children here and manage a local community centre. I run projects for older people, youth services and families.

I first got into local politics when the Council shut down my local children's centre and Tescos nearly shut down my local pub. I led local campaigns, got angry about decisions that were being made, decided to stand to be a Wandsworth Labour councillor and was elected in 2014. 


For 25 years I have led international environmental and poverty campaigns with Christian Aid, Water Aid and communities around the world. In my twenties I worked in Bosnia during the war and rebuilt villages - this gave me a determination to get things done that I've never lost. 

I've won change at the UN and national governments. Locally I led the campaign for the 20mph limit on our streets and co-founded Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees and campaigned against the cutting of the Autism Advisory Service. 

I'll bring this experience to be a campaigning MP - fighting for you in Parliament.


Its a crazy time in politics: why I'm standing to be MP

Fleur's Plan for Putney


The issues that matter to you


I voted remain and support the People’s Vote. I will vote for Remain in all circumstances.


After 9 years of Conservative-Lib Dem under-funding, our NHS is under threat. Labour will train 5,000 more doctors and cut GP and operation waiting times. Free prescriptions and free personal care in the home for the elderly.


We have done too little for too long. I will take urgent action to cut carbon emissions. I'm a cyclist and vegetarian, but individual action isn't enough - we need Labour's national policies on green jobs, zero carbon homes and transport.

I will demand clean air zones for our high streest and schools and safer cycling routes.


I was at the High Court recently as part of the action to stop Heathrow expansion. Flights will be doubled. The noise is already unbearable and the carbon emissions damage our health, our wildlife and the planet.


Build more social and affordable housing, continue to campaign for a better deal for Roehampton from the Alton Regeneration and end ‘no fault evictions’ for renters. Labour will end rough sleeping.


Bring back Sure Start to support young families and invest in our schools. Our school budgets are running on empty and struggling children are losing out the most. Labour will reverse the school cuts and scrap student fees.Putney needs a Labour MP who will fight for the issues you care about in Parliament. I'm passionate about building a fairer, more equal society. 


Labour will stop the blight of empty shops by giving Councils the powers to reopen shops after 12 months. We must revitalise our High Streets and parades with more shops for community uses to keep our High Streets alive.


 As a local councillor I hold regular surgeries and also go out and hold pop-up surgeries. I'm also always out and about meeting people, getting involved in local campaigns and being very responsive. I've be the same as your MP and make sure that I know local views and represent them in Westminster.


I'll work with Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London


Out and about in Southfields with Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit Secretary

I would tackle the pollution on Putney High Street

Pollution records in Putney are too high - this is a video from 2017 when the High Street broke the legal limits for air pollution for the whole year, early in January. This year it was better - not till March. But its still a danger to our health and we need action.