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Fleur Anderson
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The issues that matter to you

Putney needs a Labour MP who will fight for the issues you care about in Parliament. I'm passionate about building a fairer, more equal society. 

Brexit will be the top issue for the next election. Putney is one of the most 'remain' constituencies in the country and needs a candidate to represent this. I spoke at the first March for Europe rally and will oppose the Tory hard Brexit. We need a general election and a People's Vote.

The Alton regeneration is also a priority - we need more genuinely affordable housing and housing for larger families. The community space must be open for everyone - and not just become a private nursery as has happened in other estates. Sign the petition for more council houses and community services here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/wandsworth-council-make-the-alton-estate-regeneration-a-better-deal-for-roehampton

Cleaner air is my third priority:  stopping preventable illness and deaths caused by pollution. Action for Putney High Street has been too slow and too little. We need clean air zones for schools across Putney, Southfields and Roehampton, and streets which make cycling safer.

Come to our meeting on Clean Air on June 5th at 7pm at St Barnabas Church, Southfields.

I will also oppose the Tory austerity policies. Instead of cuts to the NHS, schools and police, we can must have a fairer taxation system and an economy that works for the many not the few.  


I was there in the Town Hall when we lost Putney in 2005 and I’m determined to win it back. I want to see the end to this destructive Tory government and I’ve shown that I can take on the Tories in elections and win. We were just 1,554 votes away from winning last time and we CAN do it next time.


Track record of winning elections and campaigns

I became a local councillor because I was angry about the closure of One O'Clock clubs and Sure Start. They are still being cut - and I'm still angry.

I’ve got a track record of building winning teams to beat the Tories. I’ve topped the poll in my ward for the last two elections – bringing socialism and compassion to a ward that had been Tory for 24 years. 

I work in a local community centre, running services for isolated older people, young refugees and families in crisis. I know how much we need a Labour government to rebuild our communities.

I led the successful campaign for the 20mph limit across Putney, I'm a founder of Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees, and am campaigning to stop the roll out of Universal Credit.

I’ve led human rights and anti-poverty campaigns around the world, taking on powerful corporate and global elites. With Christian Aid and WaterAid I’ve won campaigns for cancelling millions of pounds of debt for the poorest countries, and getting the Tories to double their aid budget for water and sanitation to fight poverty

I would tackle the pollution on Putney High Street

Pollution records in Putney are too high - this is a video from 2017 when the High Street broke the legal limits for air pollution for the whole year, early in January. This year it was better - not till March. But its still a danger to our health and we need action.

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