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Brexit Statement


I voted remain, and I support the People’s Vote - we need a final say whether it is still to leave, or to change and stay. 

When I said this to a group of young people in Roehampton they cheered - let's listen more to people, and not just go ahead with whatever kind of Brexit we end up with by mistake but it was the least worst option.

As the decision to leave Europe was made by the British people, MPs do not have a mandate to overturn that decision – we should go back to the country for a final say. 

The current deal is a very bad one for jobs, the economy, and the environment and leaves far too much to be decided in the future. Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs were right to reject it, and are right now to put pressure on the Tories to stop a ‘no deal’ option. This should have be built into the negotiations by the Conservatives two years ago.

It is wrong to say that we should not have another vote because it will cause division in the country, as though the current state of affairs is not already increasing our division by the day. The years ahead of Brexit negotiations otherwise will be endlessly divisive, but will be less so if we have checked back in for a second vote which will either confirm the choice to leave or overturn it.

Justine Green has consistently voted with her fellow Conservatives to further the Brexit process and not to grant rights to EU citizens, until her recent U-turn on the deal. EU citizens represent a large number of Putney residents – for example nearly 1 in 5 of West Hill residents. Yet she supported the continuing uncertainty and upset that delaying granting a guaranteed right to remain has caused (see here for more).

With Labour we would not be in this mess. 

  • Labour would not have had to hold a referendum to solve a long term party division as the Tories felt they had to.
  • Labour would not have pushed the mean and damaging austerity policies which were one of the reasons for people supporting Brexit and wanting control. 
  • Labour would not then have spent two years not talking with all groups – including Trade Unions and opposition parties – to bring unity rather than further division to the country.
  •  Labour would not have negotiated for the issues that matter to us - workers rights, environmental and consumer standards should have been her red lines. 

I still hope and pray for a General Election and the chance to overturn austerity and bring kindness and fairness back into our politics, but the Tories won’t give up their power easily. So we need to delay leaving the EU and go back to the British people and give them the final say.