Working hard for all residents of Putney, Roehampton and Southfields

Fleur's Plan for Putney

Oppose the Tory Brexit


This is a Brexit election and our last chance to stop Brexit. Only Labour can beat the Conservatives in Putney. Vote for me and Labour will deliver on its pledge to hold a People's Vote. This is the route to bringing the country back together. 

Putney is one of the most 'Remain' constituencies in the country and I represent the majority of constituents. I spoke at the March for Europe rally to 50,000 people. 

I will keep speaking up for all the European residents of Putney and about the effect Brexit is already having on Putney residents.

This is a climate election


At this election, the choice is clear – this is our last chance to take action to protect future generations or allow the Tories to accelerate our planet’s destruction. 

Homes should be safe and warm for families and not damage the environment for future generations. But our housing currently contributes a massive 14 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

We will tackle the housing and climate crises at the same time by building warm and energy efficient homes.

The next Labour government will usher in a Green Industrial Revolution to tackle climate change and create hundreds of thousands of green jobs.

Protect our NHS


We must protect our NHS from cuts and privatisation, and champion Queen Mary's Hospital. I'll start by campaigning to increase community mental health services in Putney, Southfields and Roehampton. These services are currently changing and we can joint with patients groups, local residents and I've spoken with the local Mental Health Trust about provision - and not moving everything to the new Tooting locations.

Labour's pledge: A Social Transformation Fund of £150bn over five years to repair the damage done to the infrastructure of the country by years of austerity and neglect. This would include capital investment for schools, hospitals, etc and again elements will be announced before the election.

Stop the schools cuts and bring back Sure Start


School cuts mean Putney schools close early on Fridays, subjects and additional support for struggling pupils has been cut, and our school budgets are running on empty. Total school spending per pupil fell by 8% in real terms between 2009–10 and 2017– 18,

One Putney school fundraises £100,000 per year from parents to plug the budget gaps - not all schools are in areas that can do that, and its not fair.

National and Wandsworth cuts to Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) support has been devastating. I have fought for the Autism Advisory Service, and did succeed in delaying closure of this vital support service. But Wandsworth Conservatives have ignored the experience of parents and children and the service has been axed to save money.

I will champion our state nursery, more funding for all our schools, and especially reversing the SEND support crisis.

Labour will bring back Sure Start - as alum of four children I know what  fantastic resource for families with children under 5.

Genuinely affordable housing


There is a national housing crisis made worse in Wandsworth by the Tories selling off so many council homes. More social housing and genuinely affordable housing - not more investment properties - is what Putney needs.

Labour will end 'no fault evictions' that makes private renting so insecure and will end street homelessness.

I'll continue to campaign for more genuinely affordable housing and community services in the Alton Estate regeneration.

The plans for the Alton Estate Regeneration are a bad deal for local people but a great deal for the developers. Wandsworth Council is spending £108 million of our money on this and there will be 10 years of building work, but there will only be 30 new council homes. There is a housing crisis in Wandsworth and homelessness is rising. But there will be 186 council houses compared to 847 private homes for sale, and local people want a better balance. We also want more youth services, and better shops and transport. Wandsworth Council must do more - Roehampton deserves a better deal.

Living Streets - clean air and save our shops


I have campaigned for better air quality on Putney High Street for years. 9,000 Londoners a year are dying because of pollution. Its a health crisis. I would fight for Putney children to breathe cleaner air - starting with the High Street, but tackling all the dangerous hot spots.

We have to go back to basics and change behaviour - fewer car journeys, more public transport cycling and walking. I'm a keen cyclist but I know how much we need cycle hangars and changes to road layouts to make it safer and more attractive for everyone.

I will also champion our High Streets and parades of local shops. aLabour will bring in new laws to stop the plague of empty shops.

I will champion Living Streets plan for Putney High Street with wider pavements, trees and ways to reduce traffic. The Council made £735,000 from the yellow box at the junction between Putney High Street and Lacy Road in 2018 alone. It must spend this money on improving the High Street.

I will campaign for a free cashpoint on the Ashburton Estate and support all businesses for a strong local economy.