Fleur's Plan for Putney

Oppose the Tory Brexit


This will be main election issue. Justine Greening's Tory government has led us into chaos and they can't get away with it. Labour's 6 tests are clear and we need a jobs first Brexit. If they can't deliver we need a general election, and I support a People's Vote. 

Putney is one of the most 'remain' constituencies in the country and I believe I represent the majority of constituents. I spoke at the March for Europe rally to 50,000 people. I will keep speaking up for all the European residents of Putney and about the effect Brexit is already having on Putney residents.

Better air quality


I have campaigned for better air quality on Putney High Street for years. 9,000 Londoners a year are dying because of pollution. Its a health crisis. I would fight for Putney children to breathe cleaner air - starting with the High Street, but tackling all the dangerous hot spots.

We have to go back to basics and change behaviour - fewer car journeys, more public transport cycling and walking. I'm a keen cyclist but I know how much we need changes to road layout to make it safer and more attractive for everyone.

Protect our NHS


We must protect our NHS from cuts and privatisation, and champion Queen Mary's Hospital. I'll start by campaigning to increase community mental health services in Putney, Southfields and Roehampton. These services are currently changing and we can joint with patients groups, local residents and I've spoken with the local Mental Health Trust about provision - and not moving everything to the new Tooting locations.

Stop the schools cuts and bring back Sure Start


I have had four children in local schools (three still there, one has gone to uni) and I became a councillor because I was so angry about cuts to pre-school services.

I am currently campaigning to save the children services which are again under threat of cuts by the council. 

School cuts comes up a lot on the doorstep - and rightly so. I became a local councillor because I was so angry about the cuts to pre-school services. The Tories are still cutting them - and I'm still angry.  If selected I would immediately plan a teachers, parents and union action meeting, and launch a campaign showing the impact of the cuts on our local schools, and especially on special education needs support.

One Putney school fundraises £100,000 per year from parents to plug the budget gaps - not all schools are in areas that can do that, and its not fair.

Genuinely affordable housing


There is a national housing crisis made worse in Wandsworth by the Tories selling off so many council homes. More social housing and genuinely affordable housing - not more investment properties - is what Putney needs.

I'll continue to campaign for more genuinely affordable housing and community services in the Alton Estate regeneration.

I have already met with officers, staff and young people in the two current youth centres, which are due to be merged. If selected I would meet local residents and work with local councillors to campaign for more social housing. The new community space above the library must be for the whole community and not be 'out-sourced' and run exclusively by a private nursery.

Involve more residents


No one person has a monopoly on good ideas - I will listen residents for ideas and innovative policy.

I'll be out and about visiting people at home, holding coffee mornings, organising and attending community meetings and always available. I'll work with local people to make a difference on issues that will make Roehampton, Southfields and Putney even better places to live and work.